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GDT: Laichs @ Caps

How cute are the Nylanders, Brooks Laich? Cuter than Backstrom?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, here is your Game Day Thread!

Today's GTD poll is in honor of this quote by Brooks Laich:

"I told Willie (Nylander) that for the last however many years in Washington, I was on the PK against our PP, and that there was a cute little Swede on the wall named Nicklas Backstrom who had the puck all the time," Laich said with a smile.

"When we did the PK drill I would always tell him, ‘I’m going to roll out the red carpet and welcome you to hell.’

"Now maybe we have an even cuter Swede on the wall (Nylander). I just tried to bring that, told him, ‘Welcome to hell,’ and told (Kasperi) Kapanen the same thing.

"Willie said, ‘I’m glad to be here,’ and went in and put one bar-down on me.