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PPP Podcast: Marlies Edition

This time around, I was joined by Achariya, Species1967, and Chris Hatzitolios for a closer look at what's been going on at the Ricoh.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Our conversation this time around wandered a little, but broadly, we stuck to the following topics in this order:

1. The Marlies' goaltending - Sparks vs. Bibeau and more.

2. The Marlies' depth - what kind of advantages does this bring to the Leafs?

3. Sheldon Keefe as coach - how responsible is he for this team's success?

4. Kasperi Kapanen - what do we expect of him?

Also worth mentioning is the fact that my cat Olivier is featured in the background of this podcast. You see, he gets very upset whenever our dog Zoe leaves our house. Whenever she goes for a walk he'll sit there meowing at the door until she comes home - he misses her. They've grown up together since they were a pup and kitten, and so my cat's lonesome meowing can still be heard on the first part of this podcast. Later, it's Achariya's cat Kali who makes herself heard. Why, I'm not sure. [Because she was trapped in the office with me and wanted to go eat dinner. - Acha] Suffice it to say that PPP Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranching Ltd. is thriving.

Anyway, here's a link that I uploaded to SB Nation because Soundcloud was briefly being a jerk:Marlies Podcast

Marlies Podcast

And here's the Soundcloud link (no, no iTunes, but you can download the file if you so choose):