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From the Branches: Gameday, Marlies at Hershey Bears

This late in May, the ice gets soft and the air gets muggy. Ahhh, playoff hockey!

Quick Solar Bears off-season update:

There were some big changes to the front office recently. Former President/General Manager/CEO Jason Siegel was let go, and things will be different now that owner Joe Haleski is going to take part in the daily operations of the team.

According to Don Money, who sent me the transcript of his chat with Haleski, there will be a trend toward trusting the office Millenials with more decisions, now that Siegel is gone. Marketing, getting in touch with the downtown Orlando twenty-somethings, social media... all of that will be put in the hands of the office kids, including youngster Jesse Liebman, the current public relations director.

And also according to Don Money, Haleski speculates that the "only one year?" agreement might have something to do with Lou Lamoriello wanting a different approach toward affiliation after this year is over (maybe Toronto will farm players out to a number of teams and not worry about an ECHL affiliate) -- but he's not very worried about it.

The Solar Bears owner does have nice words to say about the big brother team in Toronto: "Our team changes so much every year but we're confident in Toronto's young team that they're putting out on the ice. You can see what the Marlies are doing and they just have a lot of young players in that system. We're excited about it. They're one of the top franchises in the league for sure and have been forever so we want to be affiliated with them."

How will the Solar Bears change in the off-season to (1) win and (2) help the new Marlies grow a little more in the ECHL? Haleski is going to bring in the maximum number of veteran contracts to help support them (maxing out at four): "I think we need to do a better job of getting the right type of players in this organization. Guys that want to win and want to play. Toronto has done a great job with sending us young talent but we need to do a better job of supplementing that talent with players that compliment them."

Young kids in the front office! Older guys on the ice! All in all, I think it'll make for an interesting change to the Orlando team.

Leafs (system) News

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"We are now a Hershey Bears blog and @Steve_Dangle is our enemy."

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Pretty pretty hockey.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired the New Jersey Devils third round pick in the Phil Kessel trade (Pittsburgh acquired the pick as compensation for John Hynes). That will be the Toronto Maple Leafs sixth pick in the first 71 selections of the NHL Draft.

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And then there's this...

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