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From the Branches: Big Trouba in Winnipeg

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He's a reasonable guy who's just experienced some unreasonable things.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when your first-round draft pick, a promising young guy, requests a trade? Do you pull an Yzerman and let him sit, because he's going to benefit the team whether he wants to be there or not? Do you try your best to recoup all you can from him? Do you make a Bruins-esque Dougie Hamilton panic trade?

And if you're Lou Lamoriello, what would you do when you find out about it?

What would you do, commentariat?

News from the Center of the Hockey Universe

Mats Sundin impressed by Maple Leafs pick Auston Matthews | Toronto Sun
"I think Auston Matthews is coming to the greatest hockey franchise in the world. This is the New York Yankees of baseball. This is the Barcelona of soccer. To represent the Toronto Maple Leafs and to wear the blue and white, it’s an experience you have to live through in order to understand the importance to the fans or Toronto and to the people of Toronto."

Maple Leafs stocked for blue-line battle | Toronto Star
"For my whole career, I’ve always been fighting for a spot," said Hunwick, adding he’s healthy after sports hernia surgery in March. "You’re always battling for ice time. Even if you’re on the team, you want (more) ice time. You want to earn the ice time."

Matt Martin will have important role protecting young Maple Leafs | Toronto Sun
Lol this headline.

Nikita Zaitsev making a case for Toronto Maple Leafs’ top defensive pairing at World Cup of Hockey | National Post
Nikita Zaitsev’s command of the English language is strong, so he had no trouble understanding a question from an out-of-town reporter.

Kasperi Kapanen on his development: "After World Juniors, I think it really started going upwards" | MLHS
The usual stuff.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Previewing the Calder Trophy Award | Tip of the Tower
How proud would we be if it was a guy whose name rhymes with Boston Cashews?

Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba requests trade | NHL
"I want to play on the right side to realize my potential," Trouba, 22, told TSN. "That's not going to happen in Winnipeg. This has nothing to do with Winnipeg as a city. This is about me getting the chance to be the best player I can be. I've worked hard to get this far. I don't want to look back in 20 years and wish I hadn't just gone with the flow. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. This isn't an easy decision. But I want to play on the right side."

What USA Hockey must do to turn this mess around | Larry Brooksy
"Boy, that North America-Sweden game sure could have used a couple of fights." — Said no one. Then Brooks goes on to ream Tortorella and it's kind of beautiful.

NHL Great Canadian Forwards stamps unveiled | NHL
Canada Post did the arithmetic: these six players, hailing from five provinces, played in more than 8,300 NHL games. They have scored more than 3,800 goals, assisted on more than 5,700 more, and won a total of 18 Stanley Cup championships.

Mikael Backlund leaves Team Sweden | WCH
Team Sweden center Mikael Backlund left the World Cup of Hockey 2016 after sustaining a concussion during a 2-0 win against Team Finland on Tuesday.

World Cup of Injuries: Matt Murray out 3-6 weeks with broken hand | Pensburgh
Luckily the October schedule is the least taxing month of the season for Pittsburgh, who only have one set of games on consecutive days (Oct 17 vs. Colorado; Oct 18 @ Montreal) so Fleury should be able to play almost all (if not all) of the games that Murray may miss.

Canada overpowers Russia, makes World Cup final | Puck Daddy
Were it not for Bobrovsky, there’s no telling what this game would have looked like. The Canadians held a starting possession advantage. They held Russia’s biggest name scorers in check: Alex Ovechkin was a minus-2 with one shot; Vladimir Tarasenko had three shots on goal, but no points and a minus-2. (It should be mentioned that Pavel Datsyuk was unable to play due to injury.)

Brad Marchand coy about playing with Sidney Crosby on Penguins | Puck Daddy
"I think the pest role, the agitator role, has been pushed by the media more than anything," Marchand said. "If you talk to my coaches, and the way I view it, is trying to be a player more than being that. It’s been that way for a while now. The pest role was what got me in the league, got me here, and now it’s about improving and being a better player." -- always a pest in my heart, Marchand.