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Mitch Marner dominates Finland at 2017 IIHF World Championships

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Another day, another Leaf player kicking butt

Catherine Steenkeste / Contributor, Getty Images

Mitch Marner went to Paris to take selfies and score goals, and his phone is out of batteries.

After William Nylander dazzled in the early game, Marner continued the streak of Leafs players owning everyone, as Canada took on Finland in the World Championships. He opened the scoring early in the game with this beauty:

Poor #55. As some would say, he got Finni55ed by Mitch (sorry). It’s rare that you break someone’s ankles THAT badly in hockey, but Mitch is no average player.

He later followed up his goal with an assist, setting up Colton Parayko’s howitzer of a slapshot to regain the lead for Canada.

He wasn’t done there either. Marner has dominated this game so far, and collected his 2nd goal of the contest with this power play marker:

This is just the latest in a strong string of games for Marner, which is encouraging to see given his relative struggles with illness and injury late in the NHL season. He now has 10 points, which ties him with William Nylander for 6th in tournament-wide scoring.

And the game isn’t even done yet.

Have this other view of the second goal so you can see the Finnish coach yelling at his bench after.