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Back to Excited - Episode 30: Karlsson trade, Leafs training camp

What did Ottawa do wrong?

Ottawa Senators v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of Back to Excited. On this edition, Fulemin and I discuss:

  • 2:41 - Ottawa’s bad decisions
  • 4:29 - Is Hossa better than Alfredsson
  • 6:28 - The Karlsson trade and the many, many mistakes Ottawa made throughout this process
  • 19:19 - Fulemin disrespects Nikolai Kulemin
  • 23:30 - The Melnyk video
  • 28:00 - other assorted bad decisions
  • 34:31 - should the Sens learn from the Jets
  • 37:20 - Should we be worried about the Nylander deal
  • 42:20 - Why using just Ehlers deal in arguing for Nylander’s contract is incomplete
  • 49:58 - Leafs training camp battles
  • 1:15:14 - Tavares/Marner on the PK

As always, you can find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, and just about everywhere else. If you have any feedback, let us know below. Thanks for listening!