Here at Pension Plan Puppets, we’re generally a bunch of Internet homebodies.  But every now and then, we undertake important journeys to foreign lands to learn about their culture and experiences.  It’s like a semester abroad, except instead of drinking wine and having sex with French people we’re just going to another website for a couple of hours.

On that note, the good people of r/leafs have offered to play host to us for an AMA tomorrow.  If you’ve never heard of that, an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) is where people go to Reddit and answer questions from curious Redditors.  If you’ve ever wanted to ask the Pension Plan Puppets staff anything about anything, now’s your chance!

The AMA will start at 12:00 PM on Saturday.  Go to r/leafs, click on the thread, and ask away.  We will endeavor to answer your questions well, or failing that, in English.  See you there!

UPDATE: We’re done now.  Come see what people asked, and how we answered.