Who won the shootout for Team USA? Who did? AUSTON MATTHEWS DID.

Team USA is heading to the IIHF World Championship semifinals, on the strength of two goals by an Arizona native named, uh. Patrick...Jack...no wait. Auston Matthews, that's his name. Matthews, in fact, scored the only two goals in the game.

Matthews' first goal came in the second period, leveling the game after the Czech's penalty shot converted. The 1-1 score held through regulation, through overtime, and into a shootout. Matthews' shootout goal was a thing of beauty:

His move beat out Czech goaltender Dominik Furch by picking a tiny corner of the net, somehow sneaking it between the goaltender and the post.

A sequence just now by Auston Matthews, man, I tell you, he's amazing. And the Czechs take a penalty!

Kinkaid. Kinkaid. Kinkaid. With a side of Auston Matthews and the USA topple the Czechs!!!!!! (picture a bunch of flag emojis here)

Auston Matthews put two pucks past Dominik Furch No one else solved him. Kinkaid gave up one on a penalty shot.

Watch for Katya's recap later today.