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FTB - Read This Blog Post, Or Don't Bother Coming Back

You just know that somewhere, right now, John Ferguson Jr. is paying too much for car insurance. He must be, because he's paid too much for everything else. The aftermath of his regime is one of the Leafs desperately paddling for shore to get a breather, and then

FTB - Good Guys Finish in Calgary

The road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions, and in the case of EX-Leaf Darcy Tucker, that means a certain well meaning blunder on his part will lead him right into the Calgary Flames dressing room. Darcy's (im)perfect folly was in taking the much

FTB - I Told You So Edition

As all of you tore into your Meuslix this morning, your better halves sat across from you reading a story in the Globe and Mail in which intrepid cub reporter Dave "The Hammer" Shoalts reported that Cliff Fletcher will not be offering the-fluff-you-blow-off-a-dandelion Kyle Wellwood a new contract.

Draft Perspective - The Day After the Day After

I bought a car a couple of years ago that was really, really nice. Like, by far the nicest one I'd ever had. I was lucky enough to be in a position where I could get something great for myself and was going to take full advantage. After
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