Welcome to another episode of Back to Excited. Today we discuss:

  • A deep dive into the Leafs win against the Bruins, including the Bruins changed style from this season, and how it interacts with the Leafs’ strengths and weaknesses [3:30]
  • The general strength of the Bruins this year, and the disastrous decision to sign Mitchell Miller [22:53]
  • The Ilya Samsonov injury, and where the Leafs go from here with their goaltenders [45:06]
  • The hot start of Rasmus Dahlin, and his growth from highly touted prospect, to possible draft disappointment, to possible Norris candidate [49:12]
  • The early season success of the New Jersey Devils [1:00:04]
  • Luke Fox’s terrible article about the Leafs [1:04:18]/

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