We have a question. Every August — after June’s playoffs and NHL Entry Draft are concluded, most (if not all) players safely under contract, and all GM transactions made —we sit down together as a masthead and readership and put down our thoughts and predictions for the coming season in the form of the world famous Top 25 Under 25 prospect report.

25 articles covering 25 prospects (and some extras on the fringes) so we can all best get to know the Toronto Maple Leafs organization before training camp begins in September.

But with the announcement yesterday that the NHL Draft could be pushed back until July or August, what is now the best time to sit down and review the season that was? I have a few personal theories, but I’d like to see what the majority thinks about this topic.

When do you want to see the Top 25 Under 25?

August, perhaps with 2 or 3 articles a day.35
April/May with revisions after the Draft and Free Agency.83
August/September and overlap training camp a bit.56
Scrap it.6

As I mentioned above, the NHL Combine, NHL Draft, and NHL Awards, as well as the Draft Lottery, until further notice.

NHL teams have been busy during this break, signing rookies to entry-level contracts following their release from junior and college hockey. Focus has shifted to include players on league minimum (or close to it). For example, Victor Olofsson was signed yesterday by the Montreal Canadiens.

Kyle Clifford wants another tour on the Leafs

For the Leafs, Kyle Clifford might be a little rich for that kind of contract, but you never know with a low cap. Some players might take a pay cut for job security. We might be seeing some RFA and pending UFA signing in the coming days and weeks.

The Leafs currently have Clifford, Ilya Mikheyev, Denis Malgin, Jason Spezza, Frederik Gauthier, Cody Ceci, Tyson Barrie, Travis Dermott, Nathan Horton, and David Clarkson coming off the books in some form or another this summer. Surely some of these players are going to jump at a contract early instead of risking being left out of free agency.

Zero seconds in, this video is already weird. Eight seconds in, it gets really weird. Did the Habs know they were trading Drouin for this?

Please don’t make me like you. Please don’t make me like you. Please don’t make me like you. Please don’t make me like you.

Back when the shootout and outdoor games were fun.

Jace Tavares is so damn cute. Also, John is emoting! Good for him.