While your princess was in another castle, an election was called for. Such dirty tactics to oust royalty...I return from Oregon having feasted upon a maple bar with bacon, taken in a midnight viewing of Inglourious Basterds, furiously shoved delicious cupcakes in my face from a fancy bakery with a complete disregard for the frosting situation, went to the zoo and observed pornographic behavior displayed by some monkeys. It's time for me to resume my crownly duties. The Burkies will resume next Monday and will be double stuffed with your witticisms.

And away we go:

I had plans of posting my usual non-hockey link. But really I'm too distraught by the end of Oasis. Though it does make sense as Noel was more sensible than Liam. Some music while I grieve;

Hit me with what I missed. It's a short FTB. I like to think of it as the Spark Notes version.

Favorite Oasis album:

Standing On the Shoulders Of Giants2
Be Here Now6
Definitely Maybe37
Don't Believe the Truth2
Heathen Chemistry1
Wait, how come ...Morning Glory isn't an option?39