Simon Benoit!

Simon Benoît at hockey player profile of Simon Benoît, 1998-09-19 Laval, QC, CAN Canada. Most recently in the NHL with Toronto Maple Leafs. Complete player biography and stats.

I'm only kind of joking here. Where would Simon Benoit have ended up if he was here for the T25U25 vote? Above, below, or in between Conor Timmins and Timothy Liljegren? You tell me. What kind of blurb would you write for this player?

Speaking of Liljegren, he came in second in our T25U25. Unanimously, I might add.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Timothy Liljegren is 2nd
Liljegren is only one of two players eligible for this list who is a regular NHL player, but he’s also young enough that people still think that maybe he can still improve. Come see the debate about how good an NHLer he is, and if he can get better!

This was a story by Kevin McGran on Toronto's Blayre Turnbull after her press conference on Wednesday.

Why Blayre Turnbull isn’t like Toronto’s other PWHL signings
Turnbull, raised in smalltown Nova Scotia, wasn’t sold on playing in a big city — until general manager Gina Kingsbury made her pitch.

The Montreal ??? officially unveiled their first three signings. You can read a recap of their press conferences below.

Montreal PWHL signs Marie-Philip Poulin, Ann-Renée Desbiens, Laura Stacey
The new team announced their three pre-draft signings on Thursday to set the foundation for their first season.

Boston also announced their signings. Knight, Keller, Frankel. Damn!

PWHL Boston signs Team USA stars Knight, Frankel and Keller
Hilary Knight, Aerin Frankel and Megan Keller have all signed 3-year deals with the new PWHL team in Boston.

Here is how the PWHL looks at the moment. Only the New York signings are left unofficial. I'll have an article out later this morning going into what this week was in more depth.

Leafs prospect Mike Koster, who went unranked in our T25U25, is captain of Minnesota's NCAA Men's hockey team.

Nikita Grebyonkin (ranked 12th in our T25U25, and 4th by Brian!) scored his first KHL goal of the season.

The Traverse City tournament is inching ever-closer.

18 years definitely feels long overdue for a promotion. Congratulations to Jennifer!

I'm too young to know any Dany Heatley memes. Anyone got any good ones?

This is a story in the Montreal Gazette on CapFriendly and how they became the premier resource for men's hockey numbers.

Stu Cowan: has become crucial resource for NHL fans
Jamie Davis, the main man behind the website that demystifies the league’s salary cap, is impressed by the job Canadiens GM Kent Hughes has done.