Rick Westhead is reporting on a settlement made between Hockey Canada and a woman alleging eight players from the 2018 Men’s World Junior Team sexually assaulted her after the Hockey Canada Foundation gala in 2018. The story is very graphic so viewer discretion and trigger warnings for sexual assault apply.

The NHL released a statement saying they were advised on the case, indicating one or more of the players involved play in the league. Looking at the roster for the team, almost all of them are in the NHL so that seemed inevitable.

Per the report, Hockey Canada conducted an “independent investigation” that led to no repercussions, surprise surprise. Westhead’s report expands on how few women are taken seriously by police in Canada when it comes to sexual assault, leading to few women bothering to deal with them in the first place.

Per the NHL,

“We were subsequently provided with the Statement of Claim, containing allegations of behavior that is both abhorrent and reprehensible. We will endeavor to determine the underlying facts and, to the extent this may involve players who are now in the NHL, we will determine what action, if any, would be appropriate.”

We will have more on this story as it progresses. And a reminder to be respectful in the comments of the victim, the process, and the people you’re talking to about it.

Last Night’s Results

Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 over New York Rangers — CAR up 3-2
Edmonton Oilers 5-4 OT over Calgary Flames — EDM win 4-1

Tonight’s Games

Colorado Avalanche @ St. Louis Blues
COL up 3-2, 8:00pm, ESPN, CBC

The Edmonton Oilers beat the Calgary Flames 5-4 in overtime to win their second round series in five games. It was a back and forth game with Connor McDavid getting the winner... or did he?

Blake Coleman actually scored a goal with five minutes left in the game for the Flames, and presumably would’ve let them survive to a Game 6 on Saturday, but the referees (and situation room) overturned the goal due to a “distinct kicking motion.”

The goal replay is below, do you see a kicking motion? Here is another goal that was reviewed earlier in the season that was allowed for reference.

I think it should’ve been allowed, mostly for the reasons DGB mentions. The Flames and their fans have every right to be angry.

What is your verdict on the Coleman call?

Brutal mistake by the NHL250
He kicked it in44

Cap Friendly has transitioned the site to the 2022-23 season. On one hand, this is good to help look ahead, but on the other it makes it much harder to reminder what former RFAs and UFAs made.

Currently the Leafs have roughly $8 million in cap space with 17 skaters signed and four RFAs to sign, plus other UFAs. Those numbers change when you take Abruzzese, Clifford, and Källgren off the current roster. The $8 million budget needs to fill a goalie and supporting depth pieces.

Former Leafs prospect Sean Durzi had shoulder surgery for the Kings yesterday.