Welcome to Trade Deadline day. The Leafs still have their first round pick after acquiring all 6'2" of Ilya Lyubushkin, 6'5" of Joel Edmundson, and 6'6" of prospect/project Cade Webber in the week leading up to today.

They still have assets and cap space to make a trade. But it could be an acquisition at forward now looking at the volume on defense. Follow along in the comments today as we see how the league shakes out.

A reminder on the rules of Trade Deadline and what can happen after.

Trade Deadline Rules
Deadline FAQ.

Here's the story on Joel Edmundson. I am simply not a fan, but it's not like I had any say in the matter.

Leafs trade for Joel Edmundson
Another cheap defender. Not a mid-ranked defender with term.

The Leafs also traded for an unsigned draft pick from Carolina named Cade Webber. He's playing at Boston College and he's 6'6" as a defender. Someone for the Marlies to look at next season.

Maple Leafs trade for Cade Webber
A sixth round pick!

The Leafs lost to the Bruins again. They don't have an answer to their most-likely playoff opponent.

Recap: Leafs give up 4 to the Bruins - again
Well, that’s over.

There have been a lot of non-playoffs focused trades lately, like for example Buffalo swapping Mittelstadt for Byram with Colorado. And most of the trades have been in the West. Among the East playoff teams, here's a rundown of the trades so far:

The Lightning got Anthony Duclair from San Jose for a third round pick and a guy.

The Rangers got Alex Wennberg from Seattle for a second and a fourth.

The Panthers got Vladimir Tarasenko for a third and a fourth.

The Leafs got Edmundson and Lyubushkin for a two thirds, a fifth, and a sixth.

I'm sure a lot of things will have changed by EOD tomorrow.

In other news, Lagesson is currently on waivers to make the roster numbers work out. He's not likely to get claimed.

The Penguins might trade Jake Guentzel for Michael Bunting and a haul.
UPDATE: It happened!

Matthew Knies should be fine after leaving the game against Boston early.

And some astonishing icetime data out of the PWHL. Renata is so Fast she creates relativistic time dilation so 25 minutes for her is almost 40 minutes for us.

Happy Friday!