I feel a lot better about the future of the Leafs after seeing this video of Kyle Dubas and Jason Spezza at the Memorial Cup. I do find it funny that Spezza is older than Dubas by a few years.

The Canadian Heritage committee, which has oversight of Hockey Canada, is sending out subpoenas to the three main parties that could give us real answers about the coverup and where the money came from. At this point lots of men have blood on their hands.

The Kanata Senators are officially becoming the Ottawa Senators (or hopefully a new better nickname) as their relocation has been approved. Maybe they can now call themselves the LeBreton Flat Stanley’s?

Patrice Bergeron is giving it one more year as he’s planning to sign a one-year deal with the Bruins.

The Leafs have invited prospect Artu Akhtyamov to Toronto presumably for some evaluation, training, meetings, and the team’s development camp that usually takes place shortly after the Draft.