Mitch Marner is the Leafs lone representative at the All-Star Game. I realize I have complained less about the ASG once I realized it’s a weekend showcase for the sport and not the “true test of merit.” Specifically, it should have nothing to do with a player’s career resume for accolades, the HHOF, or anything else.

I’m already reluctantly a hockey fans (and it says here I’m also a Leafs fan? Crap.) so they don’t need to suck me in any more. But for all information about the ASG weekend, is where you want to go.

Tage Thompson got injured the other night, so Rasmus Dahlin will play for the Atlantic Division. I’m sure Willy is relieved. Dahlin is a lovely player, but not seeing Matthews and Thompson on the ice together is a major disappointment.

For sale: hockey gloves, never worn.

The Senators franchise are having their nepo baby new year as their AHL AGM, Trent Mann, has fired his brother, Troy Mann. The Senators are near the bottom of the AHL. The B-Sens GM is also Ryan Bowness, who’s dad is the coach in Winnipeg. Also one of the head scouts, Steve Stirling, hired his son, Todd. What a coincidence!

Ironic, because Netflix is basically doing their version of regional blackouts now.