So I read through Saturday's FTB comments in order to research the interests of the PPP community, and turn these into things we'd like to see on a links list. Based on yesterday's qualitative research, here are the topics we should be covering in an FTB:

  • Hobbit names
  • Asian hockey leagues
  • Lentil soup recipes
  • Hockey player height as judged by Mike Babcock in relation to their placement on the Toronto Maple Leafs (with six-foot-five being an acceptable height)
  • Male models who also play hockey/

I also noticed a few unanswered questions in yesterday's FTB:

  • Does there exist an accurate cost/benefit of labour provided by illegal immigrants in the US?
  • Is anyone interested in writing about LesCanadiennes for @HabsEOTP? Shoot an email to marcpdumontgmail. com. (Priority given to women.)
  • Does anyone have a good lentil soup recipe for Gunnar?
  • Has Debrincat dropped to early second round? /

Mark Ellis
Every hockey player looks like a male model...until they smile.Alton Brown's Lentil Soup Recipe | Food Network
Makes six servings and is vegetarian.

Highlights from the Asian League Ice Hockey 2016 semifinals |

The Hobbit Name Generator | Chris Wetherell
In case you missed it. Thanks, this was great.

Fear vs. Facts: Examining the Economic Impact of Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S. | JSSW
This paper examined existing state and national data and found that undocumented immigrants do contribute to the economies of federal, state, and local governments through taxes and can stimulate job growth, but the cost of providing law enforcement, health care, and education impacts federal, state, and local governments differently. (PDF)

Alex DeBrincat can score anytime, anywhere | THN
'At some point, you have to stop believing that DeBrincat has "lucked out" with his linemates and accept that there’s a reason coaches always stick him with top guys.'

Top 15 Tallest NHL Players of All-Time | The Sportster
"Although size matters in the NHL, not everyone one of the tallest players in the league has translated into a great player." -- Hear that, Mr. Babcock?

Maple Leafs favourites to land ‘model’ goalie Mantas Armalis | Sportsnet
"Armalis has spent the last two years with Djurgardens in the Swedish league where he has shared the crease with former Maple Leafs goalie Mikael Tellqvist. The 23-year-old was 16-16 with a 2.42 goals-against average, .918 save percentage and two shutouts in 34 appearances this season."

Carolina Hurricanes Looking to Sign Lithuanian Goalie Mantas Armalis | Cardiaccane
The Carolina Hurricanes are in hot pursuit to sign Lithuanian goalie Mantas Armalis to a contract.

Enjoy your Sundays!

This FTB is missing:

Small-scale blogs15
A meat option for the lentil recipe51
Reposted front-page content11
A thing from yesterday (will elaborate in comments)1
Nothing because we usually post all the links in comments anyway27