Tonight I put down my cellphone, turned to my husband and said, "My friends in Orlando are mostly mid-50 year old guys who report on the Solar Bears. Is this weird?"

"Not for you," Dave said, sighing.

But anyway, Mr. Don Money called to let me know that the Solar Bears C from last year, Stefan Della Rovere, will be playing hockey in Italy next year with HC Valpellice. This means that the Bears have to name a new C, and it's probably going to be Eric Baier again.

Don also told me that Amway Center is going to start requiring season ticket holders to print out their tickets via Ticketmaster, rather than printing booklets. This sounds like a bid to save money, which is probably good. As rich as owners Joe Haleski, Jason Siegel and Bob Ohrablo are, it's probably wise to cut a few corners now that Orlando City is routinely stealing people from the seats.

So, what's happening back up at the big club?


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