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Tuesday FTB: Leafs lose to Lou, outpace Isles

Good luck out there today

Sun and frost Photo by Philipp Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good morning friends!

It is Tuesday and I’m going to make coffee. The rest is for you.

Last night the Leafs played and... well the result is pretty Leafy. Late blown lead, injuries to defensemen, loss in overtime. That said this was one of the better played games this year. The recap is included beloe

In the event you missed the news of yesterday, please allow me to walk you through the paces, starting with where you are now:

How feel you?

How did the game go last night? Glad you asked.

Hints of a body checking/goal scoring correlation.

I’m fond of the weekly Leafs Notebook. This is incase you were out of touch longer than a day. Thanks AP.

And on to other bits you might find interesting

Patrick Kane Sweepstake is simmering.... like it has been since July. I am curious what the cost ends up being and where he decides to go though. That part is juicy.

The World Cup of Soccer or Futbol is going on right now.

That is all I have for today. The Leafs play again tomorrow night, getting a quick rematch with the New Jersey Devils. Send them back from whence they came... and have a lovely Tuesday.