Yeah, this again. Mitchell Miller is back in the news after he was re-signed by his USHL team, the Tri-City Storm. Miller played for the team two seasons ago and had his coach, Anthony Noreen, butter him up to NHL teams before that summer’s draft.

In the press conference, Miller called his bullying conviction an “inconvenience” to the team, which tells you everything you need to know about whether he’s learned a damn thing or not. He apologized to his team for being a distraction, meanwhile he has not even given the court-ordered apology to the victim, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, for his actions.

Let me repeat: Mitchell Miller has apologized to everyone he hopes to profit from, but not to the one person he hurt and caused so much suffering to.

After the signing Wednesday, Joni Meyer-Crothers told The Athletic that her family has not received an apology from Miller, who was court-ordered to give a written apology.
“We still have no apology, so they can say anything (they want),” she said. “But until he actually is remorseful, we stick to how we feel: It’s between him and God. - The Athletic

I’m probably going to have people come after me for saying I’m ruining the “kid’s” career. This is not cancel culture, this is stating the facts that this person is not remorseful for his actions, that he is not sorry for what he did, only that it put back his own career.

Miller, who is almost 20 years old now, has had five years to apologize to the victim for his actions and he has not done so once. He claims there is a loophole that he is not allowed to speak to the victim anymore, but that does not apply when it comes to the court-ordered written apology he was supposed to give Isaiah Meyer-Crothers.

Being sorry for getting caught is not the same as being sorry for doing the crime. What Miller did was a crime and he is doing everything he can to not have to apologize for it.

And hockey, namely the Tri-City Storm and Anthony Noreen, are doing everything they can to enable him.

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Editor’s note: I think the Alumni association is a great organization, and the true and natural home of Glenn Healy who has done a wonderful job. They have recognized and tried to deal with the huge problem of mental health in retired and retiring NHL players. They understand, as we all should too, that money isn’t the cure of all ills. And that players struggle with the transition out of the game in their 30s.

It is ok to not be ok. This applies to all of us.

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