Good morning everyone!

The Leafs played in a game last night, and it was boring and bad. There were only two real goals in spite of numerous second period powerplays for both teams, and it ended in a shootout. The Leafs lost too, just to really punish anyone who decided to stick it out until the end. On the plus side, at least Samsonov was good.

Rielly scored the only Leafs’ goal of the game 3 minutes in, off of a beautiful pass from Marner.

He let Mitch know it was a great pass too, right after scoring it.

In case you missed it, yesterday the Leafs signed their 7th round pick from 2020, Ryan Tverberg to an entry level deal.

Leafs sign Ryan Tverberg to an ELC

Tverberg’s playing with the Marlies for the rest of the season and the playoffs on a PTO, and, from Brigstew’s scouting report, he’s fast, physical, hard-working, and has a good shot, so he’s sure to become a fan-favourite. I’m excited to see Tverberg in the blue and white!

In other Leafs’ NCAA prospect news, Matt Knies is a top-10 finalist for the Hobey Baker award. He’s having a fantastic season in Minnesota—hopefully he’ll be able to keep it going once he signs his entry level deal!

And some more news from the GM Meetings, and we got reports that the planned cap increase will only be a million dollars next year, as well as Gary Bettman throwing the hot potato to the new NHLPA director Marty Walsh.

At the same time, Gary Bettman was interviewed during the intermission of the game last night, and his main message was that the game is in a good place so the meetings were about socializing and making tweaks.

Bettman also spoke on expansion:

And, in the QMJHL, they’re getting rid of fighting! It’s cool seeing these changes happen, as slow as they are.

And that’s all I’ve got for you. Have a great Thursday!