Dangle recaps last night's 1-0 overtime loss and is actually quite zen about things. Buoyed by a decent performance by the Leafs less than 24 hours after laying an egg on home ice, Dangle recaps the season thus far and notes that if you look back at the six games that have been played, they haven't been that bad.

A quick review of where the team is right now - after six games - shows that their results thus far have been 'alright' which is a big change from last year when the team was in the basement by most accounts. Of course, back then they were winning. Steve offers his thoughts on which players he thinks have been performing well and which could use a rest - Roman Polak, cough, cough - so far.

We're not 10% of the way into the season yet so there's plenty of time to breathe before checking the Wild Card standings each day...or do it now.