It is very sad that Pekay Pernell "Denzel" Karl Subban is a Canadien. It is sad because he is an excellent human being, and single-handedly gave me Christmas spirit this year when he threw a big surprise Christmas party for sick children. Tell me you didn't feel a lot of dust in the room when you watched him ask a sick little girl if he looked pretty with a snowflake on his cheek:

He is also well-known for his generous nature, and endowed this same hospital with a 10 million dollar donation over the course of seven years. His name graces the hospital atrium, and ... yeah, okay, just read this:

"At one point during that conversation I asked him, because I always try to understand what are the motivations of our donors, so I said to him, 'Is visibility something that is important to you? Would you like to see your name somewhere in the hospital?' Then I saw his eyes got really big," Gariépy said. "Now that I know P.K., I know that was a very stupid question."

Various locations around the hospital were discussed until Gariépy mentioned the hospital's atrium, a large, bright, open space that welcomes people entering the back entrance of the building.

Subban's eyes got even bigger.

"Then he said, 'Well, what's the price tag on that?' I said $10 million. Big silence," Gariépy said. "Then he said, 'Yeah. Let me think about that.' So we spent the whole summer going back and forth. He came to the hospital and he got really excited when he saw the space."

Today, that space is called the P.K. Subban Atrium, but that is only a part of what Subban does for the hospital. He sits on the foundation's board of directors, visits so often he's been given a doctor's parking pass and, perhaps most importantly, has immeasurably increased its visibility. (Source)

Oh and the Habs love him so much that they want him to become a forward. GO LEAFS GO!