If this doesn't get you jumping out of your seat with excitement, I don't know what would. Called up from the Toronto Marlies for the rest of the season, a certain fabulous blond is giving another fabulous blond a run for his money. Does young William Nylander live up to his hype and make this game, the flip side of the Bolts' back-to-back, a total trap for the Lightning?

They're bound to be distracted by the fact that Jonathan Drouin wasn't dealt. In fact, who wouldn't be? He's like the madwoman in the Lightning's attic, lurking around somewhere in Montreal and only emerging at the dark of the moon, trade deadlines, or the 2016 Draft. Maybe if Toronto Media asks the Bolts enough questions, they'll be thrown off their game?

But honestly, tonight I will spend staring at the Toronto bench and seeing just how gleeful Mike Babcock looks with his new box of tinker toys.