On this episode, Fulemin and I discuss a wide array of issues, but chief among them is who we think the Leafs have a better shot of beating in the first round of the playoffs. I’m terrified by our Boston baggage, as well as their generally strong play this year, but think Tampa Bay is somewhat vulnerable, given their recent mediocre performances. Fulemin, on the other hand, is excited to avenge 2013, and thinks that the Leafs scoring depth can win them a series, despite the Bruins advantage in top-end talent.

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On the podcast, we also discuss the following:

  • Andreas Johnsson, and his first two games in the NHL [1:45]
  • How William Nylander has fared at centre, and the vast ramifications of the decision the Leafs have to make about his position in the future [16:12]
  • Which of Boston or Tampa Bay we would prefer the Leafs to play in the playoffs (as mentioned above) [46:00]/

Within the discussion of Nylander at centre, we also hit on the possibilities of retaining Tyler Bozak (and why that might be a good thing), the general weakness of the Leafs centre depth, and how to replace Nylander’s production from the wing if we do move him down the middle.

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