So... John Tory resigned after a sex scandal was revealed to have been going on until the beginning of this year. As the most important city in Canada reels with elections surely on the horizon, one must ask... who’s going to run?

The obvious answer is that John Tavares decides to take on the mantel a decade or two early for the sake of the city. He would end homelessness, lift up the working class, finally finish construction on Yonge Street, solve Ontario Place, and add at least two more subway lines all without making a face. We still need you as our captain, John, be patient. But if you want to leave, make sure it’s only after Timo Meier gets traded here.

There’s also a slightly smaller chance Paul Marner elects to run, forcing Mitch to throw his phone in the Don River. Or perhaps Wayne Simmonds will run, reminding everyone once and for all that Scarborough is indeed part of Toronto.

Apart from adding $11 million in cap space or watching John Tory sell Mitch Marner a new iPhone on Rogers 5G Bundle Plan or whatever, this news also directly affects the Leafs.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Oh yeah. Before that thing, and the other thing, and that other thing you forgot about. When the Leafs were trying to court their first hometown star: Steven Stamkos. The Leafs made a big pitch to the multiple Rocket Richard winner, even bringing in big potential sponsors like Michael Medline of Canadian Tire and John Tory of Rogers, sorry I mean the mayor.

Well guess what, Steven Stamkos is a free agent again in two summers and we’re going to get our second chance, but this time without those dusty execs who ruined the pitch. Medline was replaced at Canadian Tire only a few weeks after the reported pitch to Stamkos, but Tory had to linger at his post for seven more grueling, awful long hair-filled years. With the two corporate executives out of the way, the Maple Leafs have their second chance.

Wait, will we want even a 35-year-old Steven Stamkos after all his good years are gone? Will he even want us after he’s won two Cups in Tampa, the only franchise he’s known, and will likely own all the franchise’s records by the end of his career? Don’t worry about that, it’s besides the point.

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I swear, if the Leafs don’t sign/acquire Alex Nylander this summer, what is even the point. Apparently he and Willy spent most of the bye week in Toronto skating every day and hanging out. Show Willy you care, Kyle, give Alex a massive AHL salary.

Question for the comments. The Leafs are confirmed to be interested in Vladislav Gavrikov at the trade deadline (along with LA, Boston, and Edmonton). What did you genuinely think of him in the last game?

Ilya Samsonov joined a very hilarious group of names and current/former Leafs with his 70th career win in 115 games.

The Leafs alumni are in Sweden to honour Borje Salming as Gävle play a game in honour of him and to “draw attention to the important work against ALS.”

St. Catherines came out for the PWHPA last night! Remember, the Women’s World Championships are in Brampton in April. You’ll probably see me there!

Good job, Joe, get that trade value up!

Good job, Matty, get that trade value up so we don’t have to give you away for Max Domi or some other shirthead.

The Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team is striking and demanding immediate change to the funding they receive compared to the men. You’ll never guess who gets more. The national team is double CONCACAF champions and gold medalists at the most recent Olympics. Christine Sinclair, who is leading this strike, is the all-time leading goal scorer in international soccer history. I’ll repeat that again, THE LEADING GOAL SCORER IN INTERNATIONAL SOCCER HISTORY!

Predators prospect Yaroslav Askarov is having fun in the AHL.

This is apparently another of many reckless scandals for the QMJHL’s Zachary L’Heureux, also a Predators prospect. If you’ve not been following this story, he speared a 16-year-old fan with his stick at the end of a game that led to an altercation in the tunnel from the ice to the dressing rooms.