As I've already pointed out in the game recap, last night's win was a cathartic one for me. To see the Buds get the bounces they missed in the previous game and the goaltending that they deserved was a nice way of cleansing the palette. Here's hoping that with Colby Armstrong and John-Michael Liles healthy, the team can get start stringing together some wins.

The rather sobering reality, however, is that the Leafs still have quite a hill to climb, as both the New Jersey Devils and the Washington Capitals have games in hand, and could easily leapfrog the Leafs for the remaining two playoff spots. It's going to be a long battle.

Now, my lead-in isn't really related to my featured link today, but what the heck, this is a good interview clip anyway. Brian Burke recently sat down with George Stromboloupoegprogjpsogsous to talk about accepting a gay NHL player when they decide to come out:

Plenty of links after the jump as usual. Enjoy, everyone.

Leafs Links:

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