Alright, ladies and gentlemen. There is a lot of chatting to do today, so find some "project" to work on, stay clear of the boss, and hunker down for a fun day of trades and picks.

I've got a bunch of links for you guys today, but I'm sure you'll have plenty to discuss anyway.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
From Pizzo and Bourne.

A Fifteen Year History of 5th Overall
Blue Chip Prospects shows us a list of names. Some of them good, some not so much.

2012 NHL Entry Draft Drinking Game
The latest from Dirty Dangle.

GMs brace for trade winds
James Mirtle with a few notes.

What should the Leafs do on draft day?
Trading up appears to be out of the question, as everyone ahead of you is asking too much, says Mirtle.

2012-2013 Maple Leafs Schedule Announced
Woo! From Danny Gray at The Leafs Nation.

The Leafs Nation big board: Top Forwards
From Cam Charron.

The Leafs Nation big board: Top Defencemen & Goalies
Also from Cam Charron.

My best guess at what the Leafs will actually do in the days ahead

Michael Langlois puts his cards down.