It’s time to get ready to do it again. What may be the strangest season in modern NHL history is set to start in 10 days, and it begins with short training camps, no exhibition games, reduced rosters and extra goalies.

By January 12, the training camp roster of players has to be divided up into four groups:

  1. The salary-cap-compliant roster of 23 players or less*
  2. The Taxi Squad of four - six players
  3. The players cut to the minors or loaned to another league
  4. LTIR (unlikely, but injuries happen)

* The Maple Leafs can’t have 23 players on a roster unless someone who is fairly expensive is hurt and on LTIR. This is what ended up happening all last season, and while that prevented roster shenanigans, that’s a steep price to pay for a few extra depth guys. We don’t want that again.

Groups two and three require all non-exempt players to clear waivers.

The Maple Leafs 2020-2021 Training Camp Roster

The Maple Leafs have brought 23 forwards, 13 defensemen, and four goalies to camp with them.

Forwards Justin Brazeau, Rourke Chartier, Tyler Gaudet, and Scott Sabourin have all been signed to PTOs in order to join camp. All four are on AHL contracts with the Toronto Marlies.

Marlies sign Rourke Chartier to an AHL contract

There are two surprise absences on defense, namely Joey Duszak and David Warsofsky. Both are still expected to join the Marlies when that season gets going, but they won’t be at this camp. Warsofsky was waived for assignment on Friday and cleared on Saturday, he remains under contract with the team.

Joseph Woll and Ian Scott have also been left off this camp roster. This decision was likely made in order to give the goalies who will most likely play in the NHL this year the most attention heading into the season. AHL camp should start sometime at the end of January for a February 2nd opening night.

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