The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a 1-0 overtime decision against the Detroit Red Wings after a late, late goal by Henrik Zetterberg. There were a number of strong performances in what was a much improved defensive effort. The Wings were playing their third game in four nights but regardless the Leafs were much improved. Jonathan Bernier did well to keep the Wings' scoreless while benefitting from some poor finishing by the Wings. Jonas Gustavsson shutout the Leafs which, I mean, what else would you expect?

This is something new that I want to try out. Voting is supposed to go as follows:

If you think a player is ranked too high on the list, you vote them down. If you feel they're rated to low, vote them up. You can change your vote once, and you can wait to vote until things change.

For evaluation's sake, you can see the advanced stats here and the boxscore here.

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