Editor's Note: You might remember Greener as part of the three man team that was needed to fill my shoes while I was gallivanting in Europe. He is also part of the team at He Score! He Shoot!. Considering his partner is Moose then you might say he's the entire team but then again Jay needs Kevin's laughter and Johnny needed Ed's millions so mostly useless presences do serve a purpose. But enough of the Straight-Talk Express. Greener will, in between trying to keep Moose from ruining another podcast, drop in on a somewhat regular basis with some brilliant photography in a feature that has no name so far. Feel free to make suggestions and welcome Greener's first piece.]

The non battle of wills which made up the Bryan McCabe/Cliff Fletcher tete-a-tete will come to an end in a week and a half, punctuated with a $2,000,000 kiss on the lips. It seems that two million dollars is what it takes for someone to not be a Maple Leaf. Several sources I’ve spoken to have said things like "For 2 million bucks I’d cut my own hand off." and, "Greener, don’t stand over my bed while I’m sleeping."


One million twonies ends up being the final word for McCabe in Toronto. A tenure which began 8 years ago when Pat Quinn robbed the Chicago Blackhawks in a one for one deal for the pillow soft Alexander Karpotsev. Its seen McCabe going from future Leaf captain and undisputed #1 D, to an own-goal potting, persona non grata pariah, who right now is arguing about who gets the top bunk with new blue line partner Wade Belak.