PPP Links:

Report: Maple Leafs about to get "entirely new" jerseys and logos

Don't screw this up, Leafs.

Historic Leafs jerseys: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Gunnar Carlsson takes a good look at some of the pitfalls I'm hoping the Leafs can avoid.

Recap: Comets 5, Marlies 4 (OT)

Nylander and a goal and an assist, but it wasn't enough for the Marlies, who were playing their third game in three days, and who were missing Kapanen (left to play for Finland), Gauthier, and Soshnikov (both out with minor injuries).

Other Leafs Links:

Why Steven Stamkos will likely bolt from the Lightning

James Mirtle stokes the fires at the ol' rumour mill. OK, so this one isn't specifically a Leafs link, but it sort of is.

Twitter reaction to the news about the Leafs' jerseys

This also includes a video of Elliotte Friedman and Damian Cox doing their HNIC 2nd intermission bit, which means that there is some useful information there.

Kapanen given permission to go to Worlds

I mentioned this in my Marlies recap, but here's the whole story from Jeffler at TLN.

Bernier allows 5 in last game of conditioning stint

Jeffler's recap.

Other Hockey Links:

Virtanen to join Team Canada

This is probably a good move for a prospect who was brought up to the NHL too soon. He needs time.

Mike Sullivan 'honoured' to take over Penguins

I think most people agreed that Johnson needed to go, but I'm less certain that they hired the right guy. For now, he's saying the right things - he mentions in this article working on zone exits with possession - but we'll see.

Kane's streak hits 26 - longest since Sundin

OK, so it was when Sundin was with Quebec, but still. Let's cheer against Kane, now.

Jagr one goal shy of passing Dionne

It's kind of too bad that so many productive years of Jagr's career were spent outside the NHL. He could probably have a few more records by this point.

Long read: why hockey needs P.K. Subban

I'm going to be honest with you and say that I haven't read this yet, but I like where the title is going.