Last night, during game four of the Boston Bruins vs Columbus Blue Jackets series, Artemi Panarin scored a goal. That’s not so newsworthy, since they lost 4-1 and he’s scored lots of goals before.

Here is the goal, for the record.

What is news, is that apparently leading up to the goal the puck went out of play. But that’s okay, the NHL can review it! It loves reviewing things these days!

Wait, they CAN’T review it? That doesn’t sound right....

Ha! So they CAN review it.


Just not that time.

For reasons.

Because the goal wasn’t scored immediately after it hit the netting. I feel like that little qualifier to the rule should infuriate me, but I can’t pin down why...

Oh, right. That’s why. It’s because that’s how the stupid offside review rule should work too.

But it doesn’t.

For reasons.

Quite frankly I’m mostly annoyed by this because it makes the Bruins the genuine victim of a call not going their way for the first time in recorded history, and it will only validate their complaints of the refs not being fair to them as Marchand and Chara sucker punch people and DeBrusk tries to chop off their legs at the knee.

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Boston Bruins beats Columbus 4-1, ties series at 2-2.

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As of writing this, the Sharks and Avs are scoreless in game 4 of their series, with the Sharks  entering up 2 games to 1.