Swedish doctor Sofia Sunnerud held a press conference after examining William Nylander, who was hospitalized after a hard hit he suffered from Switzerland's Chris Egli during today's Sweden vs. Switzerland match at the World Junior Championship. Sunnerud said that Nylander is "feeling much better now" and resting in the hotel, but would not comment further on his condition.

When asked by Swedish paper Aftonbladet whether Nylander is concussed or will rejoin team Sweden on the ice, Sunnerud said, "I will not comment," and "it is too early to say anything." She has had Nylander under constant surveillance since he entered her hospital during today's match. Sunnerud was also asked whether Nylander has undergone a catscan, and whether there are injuries to his neck, and said, "I've done a proper investigation of him, but I will not go into the examination findings."

The open-ice hit came at around the fifteen minute mark of the first period of a blow-out game against Switzerland. Chris Egli, spotting Nylander carrying the puck, skated up to his blind side and laid a hit that looked like it impacted Nylander's head with a shoulder and elbow. The hit sent Nylander to the ice, holding his head as he was slow to stand. Egli was ejected from the match, and Nylander was immediately escorted to the hospital.

Alexander Nylander, William's line-mate and younger brother, was unhappy about the hit. Speaking to Swedish broadcasters during intermission, he said, "That was sick ugly, the ugliest tackle I have seen in a long time. I do not understand what the guy was thinking of, it was idiotic." Alexander admitted that he "just wanted to do something back at the guy."

The match was chippy after the hit, but Sweden managed to keep to their structure and system, defeating Switzerland 8-3.

Thanks to Patrik B of HEOTP for additional information.