I have recovered some sense of equilibrium post Game-7 and am now able to rejoin humanity (though I'm taking this round of the playoffs off). As such, let's let all our participants choose their well-earned prizes!

First, thanks to everyone who took part. I hope it was fun. I learned a lot about trying to set up these things and if we do another version next year, it should run more smoothly. I'm sure that TAS and Sarah Connors appreciated the help as well.

What we're going to do is have a draft. It will last n rounds (where n is an integer valued approximately 5, pending final confirmation of how many people entered but never submitted answers - updated before we get started) and will run in order of final finish.

Final Standings

1. Grabovski's better than you think - 14

2. Sknut - 11 <- now identified (hooray!) but I still need an address)

3. Cornelius Hardenbergh -3

4. Death_By_Leafs - 2 <-- won the extremely sophisticated best-3-out-of-5 coin toss.

5. Joanie loves Chachi - 2

6. Learn2Leaf - 1

7. magecanuck - participation medal. :) <-- also won the extremely sophisticated best-3-out-of-5 coin toss.

8. Chappy35 - participation medal. :)


Not everyone has sent me an address and not everyone has necessarily made their donations. Now, some of the data is mismatched, so it may yet all work out.

Complete and ready to go: Learn2Leaf, Grabovski's better than you think, JoanieLovesChachi, Cornelius Hardenbergh, Chappy35, Death_By_Leafs, Sknut

Missing address data and confirmation of donation: Sknut

Donated but has not sent information and I have no idea who this is: lacie t.

Donated but has not sent me an address: magecanuck (Someone find magecanuck and wake him up)

How the draft will work

When you make a selection, list the number, year and card (i.e. #18 - 1974-75 Lipton Soup Bobby Clarke), so I can figure out what you're talking about. When we've finished the draft, I'll pack 'em up and ship 'em out to the address you'd better have sent me. :)

I will have the enjoyable task of making sure that the picks are done in proper sequence. We'll have to figure out how to deal with the fact that not everyone might be available at all times. This might drag over a couple of days or more.

Now, on to the good stuff!

In my opinion:

Oldest card: 1955-56 Parkhurst Jim Morrison

Highest dollar-value card: 1955-56 Parkhurst Jim Morrsion (~$15)

What would have been the highest dollar card had OPC had a clue how to cut it: 1975-76 OPC Bobby Orr - would have been ~$40 in NM - MC with crease, I got it for ~$3 plus shipping.

Best baseball card: 1980 Yaz. That was easy.

Best card of a player you've never heard of: 1965-66 Topps Paul (really Poul) Popeil. Really nice shape.

Best cartoon: 1969-70 OPC Wayne Carleton - thumbing his nose at Punch Imlach.

Best stats: 1975-76 OPC WHA Gordie Howe AS. Every year from 1945-46 - 1974-75. Cool.

Best Seal: 1971-72 OPC Bert Marshall

Best card cut from a soup box: 1974-75 Lipton Soup Bobby Clarke.

Anyhow, on to the pics!

Group 1


1. 1975-76 OPC WHA Gordie Howe All-Star (EX)

2. 1969-70 OPC Wayne Carleton (EXMT)

3. 1961-62 Parkhurst Larry Keenan (G/VG)

4. 1973-74 OPC Bobby Clarke (EX+)

5. 1971-72 OPC Bert Marshall (NM)

6. 1968-69 OPC Gary Jarrett (EX+)

7. 1968-69 OPC Val Fonteyne (EXMT OC)

8. 1968-69 OPC Floyd Smith (EXMT)

9. 1970-71 OPC Paul Henderson (EXMT)

Group 2


10. 1957-58 Topps Don McKenney (VG)

11. 1970-71 OPC Phil Esposito (EX)

12. 1963-64 Topps Ed Van Impe RC (VGEX)

13. 1963-64 Topps Pierre Pilote (VGEX)

14. 1970-71 OPC Tim Horton (EX)

15. 1970-71 OPC Stan Mikita (EX)

16. 1970-71 OPC Jacques Plante (EX)

17. 1955-56 Parkhurst Jim Morrison (EXMT+)

18. 1974-75 Lipton Soup Bobby Clarke (VGEX - this set had to be hand-cut and there's a wrinkle)

Group 3


19. 1978-79 OPC Pierre Larouche (EXMT/NM)

20. 1978-79 OPC Guy Lapointe (EXMT/NM)

21. 1978-79 OPC Bob Bourne (EXMT/NM)

22. 1978-79 OPC Wilf Paiement (ROCKIES!) (EXMT/NM)

23. 1978-79 OPC Paul Holmgren RC (EXMT/NM)

24. 1978-79 OPC Bruce Boudreau RC (EXMT/NM)

Group 4


25. 1966-67 Topps Claude Larose (EX)

26. 1966-67 Jimmy Roberts (EX)

27. 1971-72 OPC Pete Mahovlich (EX+)

28. 1969-70 OPC Claude Provost (VGEX)

29. 1969-70 OPC Yvan Cournoyer (looks EXMT but tiny wrinkle on back)

30. 1969-70 OPC JC Tremblay (EX)

31. 1970-71 Topps Rogie Vachon (EXMT)

32. 1970-71 OPC Ralph Backstrom (EX)

33. 1970-71 OPC John Ferguson (last card) (EX)

Group 5


Note - Pete Mahovlich is the same card as #27 - there are not two of them - it's an oops

34. 1973-74 OPC Guy Lafleur (EX+)

35. 1975-76 OPC Canadiens Team (EXMT+ but one square marked on back)

36. 1979-80 OPC Pierre Larouche (EX)

37. 1979-80 OPC Brian Engblom (NM)

38. 1979-80 OPC Bunny Larocque (NM)

Group 6


39. 1965-66 Topps Poul Popiel (EXMT+)

Note: Don McKenny is also a double-scan oops. The card is properly listed at #10.

40. 1968-69 OPC Dallas Smith (EX+)

41. 1969-70 OPC John McKenzie (EX)

42. 1970-71 OPC Derek Sanderson (EX+)

43. 1970-71 OPC Ken Hodge (EXMT)

44. 1971-72 OPC Gerry Cheevers (VGEX)

45. 1971-72 OPC John Bucyk (VG - creases)

46. 1973-74 OPC Phil Esposito (EX)

Group 7


47. 1973-74 OPC Gilles Gilbert RC (EX+)

48. 1973-74 OPC Wayne Cashman (EXMT)

49. 1979-80 OPC Stan Jonathan (EXMT)

50 . 1979-80 OPC John Wensink (EXMT)

51. 1979-80 OPC Brad Park Record Breaker (EXMT+)

52. 1979-80 OPC Rick Middleton (NM)

Group 8


53. 1979-80 OPC Harold Snepsts EXMT

54. 1979-80 OPC Clark Gillies EXMT

55. 1979-80 OPC John Davidson EXMT+

56. 1979-80 OPC Thomas Gradin EX

57. 1979-80 OPC Dan Bouchard EXMT+

58. 1980 OPC Carl Yastrzemski NM

59. 1978-79 OPC Jerry Butler EXMT

60. 1978-79 OPC Trevor Johansen EXMT

61. 1978-79 OPC Al MacAdam (Barons uni!) EXMT

Group 9


62. 1975-76 OPC Bobby Orr (VGEX - horrid miscut)

63. 1972-73 OPC Jacques Laperriere (EX-EXMT wax residue - this comes off if you want)

64. 1975-76 OPC WHA Al Hamilton (VGEX)

65. 1970-71 OPC Glen Sather (EXMT+)

66. 1979-80 OPC Dave Dryden (EX)

67. 1979-80 OPC Brett Callighen (EXMT)

68. 1972-73 OPC WHA Ron Walters (VG)

69. 1972-73 OPC WHA Mike Amodeo (EXMT ST)

70. 1972-73 OPC WHA Val Fonteyne (VG)

Group 10


71. 1979-80 OPC Jere Gillis (EXMT)

72. 1979-80 OPC Lee Fogolin (EXMT)

73. 1975-76 OPC WHA Barry Long (EX+)

73 cards - hopefully there are a few you like. Thanks again for playing. Drafting to start Tuesday, but as I said, nothing stops the first six picks from happening right away.