Welcome to the thirteenth day of the trivia contest! I have 30 questions made up, from which two will be asked each weekday. For each question, the first person to post the correct answer gets a point.

We are still taking signups. Why are we taking signups? Well, even if slots one and two are out of reach, there is still an open battle for third and you will easily make your $5 back if you get that spot. Even if you never get a question right, you still get to pick a number of cards from the prize lot and there will be something in there of amusement value.

So if you know an answer and/or feel you'd like to have some prizes, please take a minute to donate $2.50 to each of the links below. I've got way more prizes than people, so come snag something. It's for a good cause:

Sarah Connors
Laura/The Active Stick

There are still prizes that I've added to the lot but haven't posted yet - we'll have a new thread for prize picking when we're finished. The odds of getting something you like are pretty solid, and I'm not sure yet just how many picks people will get, but it will be multiple. Again, you'll get your $5 out of it.

Please also remember to send an email to me (1967ers at gmail dot com) and include your mailing address and your PPP id just so I can mail things out correctly when all is said and done.

I'm in playoff mode now and I'm looking at the cards that I haven't yet posted. A number of them are Habs and Bruins and militant homerism says I can't post either - not now, anyway. So today I've chosen two people who, even if you don't like their teams, it's impossible to fully dislike. This is kind of too bad, as there's a young Lafleur and Phil Esposito from his record-setting days, but this is playoff time and rules be rules.

I know that Harold Snepsts once had hair - it's just that I really can't remember it and to see it is kind of jarring. What a uniform. Somehow Harold is appropriate in it.


I have this vivid memory late in his career of Harold lugging the puck out ("lugging" is appropriate) of his own end and Harry Neale said, "Now here's Bobby Orr carrying - no, my mistake - it's HAROLD SNEPSTS!!!" Not a great story, but it stuck.

Can't imagine him playing tennis.


I have no really good reason for liking Lee Fogolin. I just always did. Even though he was a filthy Oiler while I was in Calgary. It may have been that I was curious about his dad, also known as Lee (though he was really a Lidio), a defenseman in the 50s which was the time period I was reading about the most.


I'm curious what it means to twice be the Sabres most improved player. Either the rest of the team never developed at all, or you were really, really bad when you broke in. Neither seems that great.


The questions:

25. Who gave up Gordie Howe's first NHL goal?

26. During their playing days, what Leaf used to spend summers in Saskatchewan fishing with Gordie Howe?


Grabovski's better than you think - 11

Sknut - 9 <--needs a day where he nails both questions

Joanie loves Chachi - 2

Death_By_Leafs - 2

Cornelius Hardenbergh -2

Learn2Leaf - 1