Another year has come and gone here at PPP.  2016 stands as perhaps the best year in the last decade to be a Leafs fan, and that’s saying something considering the team finished 30th.  And we said many somethings about it.

Most Fanposts

  1. m piedlourde - 14
  2. Osman Amjad - 11
  3. Singjay - 9
  4. There is no brigstew, only Z! -  8
  5. kungfucanuck - 6
  6. Fallen Leafs -  5
  7. Acting the Fulemin - 5
  8. not norm ullman - 4
  9. Goldenhawk99 - 3
  10. eelliott29 3

Lots of solid material making up this list.  The fanposter ranks are headed by prospect prospector Piedlourde, up-and-coming analyst Osman, and Leafs historian Singjay.  If you’ve got an idea, fanpost it!  They even promoted the clown who finished 7th onto the masthead.

Most Fanshots

  1. scottcwheeler - 11
  2. elseldo - 5
  3. nafio - 4
  4. Species 1967 - 1
  5. Gunnar Carlsson - 1
  6. finnow - 1

For a quick glimpse or photo, Fanshots are handy.  The list is headed by Dictator-in-Chief Scott “Steve” Wheeler.

Most Comments

  1. There is no brigstew, only Z! - 24427
  2. Ghost of Bohonos - 14507
  3. Acting the Fulemin - 13207
  4. Exit...Steve Left - 8435
  5. Baseball Annie - 7561
  6. Species 1967 - 6972
  7. IceDesert - 6540
  8. KatyaKnappe - 5947
  9. rc2080 - 5455
  10. JaredFromLondon - 5408

In a less-than-surprising twist, Brigs has once again crushed the field in comment volume, for his second consecutive comment trophy.  Last year’s bronze medalist, Ghost of Bohonos, has jumped up to nab second place, while 2015’s second-place finisher has been knocked down to third (sniff.)  Newcomers Annie, Ice, Katya and RC finish among the top scorers for the first time, while steady vets Steve and Species continue to put up elite numbers.  PPP’s Gretzky, JaredFromLondon, remains strong in tenth spot.

A few fun points to wrap things up:

  • Brigs averaged just under 67 comments per day last year, which is apt.  He somehow increased his already league-leading comment total by more than 5,000 over last year, which is nuts.
  • So far as I can tell, no commenter on any of the SBN Hockey sites matched Brigs last year.  Any of them!  Eat it, HEOTP.
  • If Brigs were to comment at this rate every year, and Jared stopped commenting today (please don’t, Jared)...Brigs still wouldn’t catch Jared in all-time comment count for more than six years./

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments.  Y’all are a lovely bunch.