Hello hello! Today is a good day for twos. Yes, that’s right, we’ve got two podcasts for you.

Up first is a chat I had with J.P. of Japer’s Rink where we break down how the Maple Leafs and Capitals have done so far. This time, we took the approach of just having a more casual conversation than a more rigid, panel-style discussion.

We talk about how worried Caps’ fans are, and what’s been giving them such big headaches before moving on to talk about what the Leafs have been doing right. It’s good hockey talk.

As always, feel free to download the file for later listening.

Then, Species1967 and I chatted more briefly about who has been doing well down at the Ricoh and how the Marlies’ playoff run is looking as things kick off tomorrow.

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For your reference, the funny Pelican commercials Species refers to are here.

Feel free to download this file, too.