Much has been made about the oodles of playoff experience that the Boston Bruins possess. The sheer number of games dwarves the Leafs' pitiful playoff experience much like comparing Henrik Zetterberg's playoff beard to Matt Frattin's. Yes, the Bruins won three game sevens on their way to winning a Stanley Cup in 2011.

However, within that experience there lies a strain of failure in game sevens that has manifested in home games. Not only that, they've done it against teams that seemingly overcame long odds from the overmatched Capiitals hanging on by the skin of their teeth on the back of a fearless young goalie (sound familiar?) to the miracle Philadelphia Flyers that overcame a huge series deficit to stun the Boston faithful on home ice (hopefully this will sound familiar soon).

Of course, none of this probably matters other than providing a glimmer of hope in the way that seeing Ivan Drago bleed helped give hope to Rocky in Moscow. Here are the big bad Bruins catching a right hook right in the kisser. Enjoy!

2012 Conference Quarterfinal vs. Washington (1-2L)

2010 Conference Semifinal vs. Philadelphia (3-4L)

2009 Conference Semifinal vs. Carolina (2-3L)

2004 Conference Semifinal vs. Montreal (0-2L)

1979 Conference Final vs. Montreal (4-5L)