Happy Saturday!

Friday night was full with Leafs prospects and many of them had good games. Brian has lots of more highlights on his Twitter, but here's a collection from Easton Cowan and Joe Miller.

Two points for Easton Cowan, who assisted on the penalty kill and then the OT winner. He's having an insane season.

Joe Miller scored twice for Harvard.

The Marlies played on Friday without Simon Benoit and Max Lajoie in the lineup. Both defenders are healthy and were likely kept out ahead of possible call-ups from the Leafs. We'll keep an eye on this today along with an update on Timothy Liljegren's injury.

The Marlies have signed forward Isaac Johnson to an AHL contract for the Growlers. The Marlies also have Kiefer Bellows on a PTO for a possible NHL contract.

Toronto's PWHL team continues to sign their draft picks, including Olympian Emma Maltais. I'm so excited to get the season going.

Western's women's hockey team is demanding to be heard by their school officials after allegations of misconduct by the head coach. More from Rick Westhead.

Western women’s hockey team plans boycott over returning coach | TSN
Players tell school president they will boycott all practices and games if head coach Candice Moxley continues in her role following a third-party investigation into allegations of misconduct.

The push to institute neck guards is growing, including from Newfoundland Growlers head coach Matt Cooke (wait... that Matt Cooke?).

Growlers head coach welcomes protective neck gear in wake pro hockey player death
Former Pittsburgh Penguin Adam Johnson died Saturday, after his neck was cut with a skate blade while playing hockey overseas. The Penguins’ AHL and ECHL teams are mandating protective neck guards following the incident. Newfoundland Growlers head Coach Matt Cooke commends the swift action.

Tim Leiweke is heading the project for a rebuilt arena in Hamilton.

Former MLSE boss says hockey will be focus of Hamilton’s $300M renovated arena — but not an NHL team | CBC News
Tim Leiweke promises to bring back a hockey team to Hamilton in a couple of years to a revamped FirstOntario Centre, just not an NHL franchise.

Former Marlie who went to Pittsburgh with Kyle Dubas, Marc Johnstone, had a buzzer beater against Hershey. The clock was broken but it was really a buzzer beater.

Joe Yerdon gave Joseph Woll one of the best helmets this season.

Ranking the NHL’s 12 Best Goalie Mask Designs for 2023-24
Sometimes rankings seem like a breeze and the final numbers feel pretty unassailable. Like ranking Connor McDavid as the best player in the league. But…

This really interesting article from soccer discusses the amazing benefits and dangers of explosive, exponential popularity in sports. On women's soccer (NWSL and Int'l) out-growing the small communities they built the sport on.

The Matildas are entering their Swift Era, so what does that mean for them and for us?
Packed stadiums, paparazzi photos, and signs begging for jerseys: Like Taylor Swift, the Matildas have become superstars. So what does it mean going forward, asks Samantha Lewis.