One of the more under discussed stories to look forward to as the regular season winds down has been how and when will the Leafs officially clinch a playoff spot. This is nothing but a good thing because for one, the Leafs have been a lock to make it all year long. And two, there are more exciting things to talk about right now instead.

Auston Matthews is gunning for Vaive’s record, attempting to score 50 goals in 50 games (whether official or unofficial, it’s still a very exclusive list), and marching his way toward Ovechkin’s 65 right now.

The Leafs, who are sitting on 98 points with 11 games remaining, are two magic numbers away from clearing the New York Islanders (75 points with 12 games remaining) as the ninth team in the East and last one that could mathematically pass them in the standings. Currently, if the Islanders win out the rest of the season and the Leafs lose every game, the Islanders could get 99 points and pass the Leafs. That won’t happen, but it’ll require two points from the Leafs (to reach 100 on the season) to officially put the Islanders behind them for good and clinch a playoff spot. Look tonight for any combination of two points gained or lost by these two teams to clinch things.

For many many many reasons, the easiest outcome tonight is a Leafs win over the Montreal Canadiens. Matthews will probably score, the Leafs will clinch, flowers will bloom, birds will sing, children will play iPad games on the sidewalk.

I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw it up.

Do the Leafs clinch tonight?

Leafs win, life is good323
Yes, but it’s from the Islanders losing56
We don’t get anything nice94

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