Leafs Links:

PPP Recap: Hawks 4, Leafs 1

Achariya has the scoop for you. Go thank her.

Leafs Allow Hattrick Kane to Happen

This recap comes from The Leafs Nation.

Mike Babcock: "We're going to have a model franchise."

Yeah, we all hope so, Mike.

JvR Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

As he should.

Other Hockey Links:

John Scott Traded To Habs

Because reasons.

Soul On Ice; Past, Present, & Future

This is a cool article about people of colour who have contributed to the game of hockey, If you aren't already following them regularly, do so now.

DGB Grab Bag

Check out Vice's latest awesome columnist - a guy who was always awesome.

Special Teams Analytics in the 21st Century

No doubt that these situations deserve plenty of analysis. From Hockey Graphs.

Joonas Donskoi is pretty good at shootouts.

Check out the gif of his move here. It's pretty darn awesome.

Philadelphia Flyers Sign Some Idiot

The guy had a number 99 jersey at his presser. Like, really.

Speculating about a Jonathan Drouin Deal

The folks at Raw Charge are understandably perturbed.

Dylan Larkin is pretty awesome

Too bad Babcock had to leave him in Detroit.