I missed last night's game because I was watching Cop Out (definitely go see it) but I think it's pretty appropriate that I was watching something that made me howl with laughter. It would have been great to see the Senators as they blew a 3-0 lead in an elimination game. It must have taken some incredible leadership to get outshot 18-4 in the third period of an elimination game. But I have to save some of this for later. Here are some links to help with the guffaws.

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The Leafs caught a few breaks on their way to the 1962 title.

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It's 80s day at Vintage Leafs. The only picture I can link features a prime duster.

Vintage Leafs: 80's Day: Paul Harrison in "The Epitome of Epic"

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The latest twitter trending topic came after the Oilers addressed four years of managerial incompetence by firing the training staff.

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The fall out of the house cleaning by Katzbellowni

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Burying the New Jersey Devils.

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And a healthy dose of sedition.

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Dmitry Chesnokov gets the dirt on Kovalchuk.

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Is Marty Brodeur on a steep downslope? Or is his team just not as god anymore?