Do you ever wonder what NHL media training is like? I do. I imagine it goes something like this. "Whenever you are asked about something personal, turn it into something related to either the game, the team, or both." Stamkos has undoubtedly had media training since his teens, and when he faced the onslaught of Toronto press after the Leafs' 5-4 OT loss, he managed to spend four minutes saying nothing at all.

The presser went something like this (crappy transcription, but you can watch the video, above).

Reporter: Are you getting tired of all the talk?

Stamkos: It hasn't been that bad. It's more of a story for you guys. I play in Tampa so it's not too bad there.

Reporter: Has it been getting in your head at all?

Stamkos: Time's going to tell, everything will figure itself out. I'm trying to focus on my game which hasn't been that great of late. I'm trying to contribute a bit more, but guys have been stepping up.

And a few more platitudes thrown in for good measure: "Team health goes hand in hand with struggles we've had. We're just not scoring as a unit. Tonight was hopefully a night where guys can get some confidence."

The one funny part came when Stamkos name-dropped some Friends of PPP, Joe Smith and Erik Erlendsson, two Tampa Bay Lightning beat writers: ""Playing in Tampa helps, we just have Erik and Joe asking questions the majority of times."

In summary, the entire conversation reminded me of a quotation from Confucius:

"The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm."

Actual footage of Stamkos during the scrum:

...Which bodes well for when Stamkos becomes captain of the Leafs, amirite?