Happy Sunday, everyone!

We have entered Day 3 post-Marner signing for the next six seasons.

We have our team, it’ll largely be what it is for the next little while, and that’s not bad at all.

As Captain* Auston Matthews said, “we’ve got everybody on board now, so let’s play hockey.”

However, at PPP, we are well-known for ruining Leafs prospects. We tried our hand at an entire NHL team with a few of our articles yesterday morning.

Acting the Fulemin started us off with his thoughts on the Marner contract and where we go from here.

Mitch Marner And Mr. Nice Guy

Katya was next, providing a commentary on how cheap and cheerful the Leafs are going to have to be with the bottom of their lineup. Some players might only make the starting lineup because of their cap hit, while others more deserving will be in the minors. Thankfully, we’re not there yet.

Who wins the Maple Leafs Minimum Salary Olympics?

Finally, Arvind came in with the big hockey stick and told us all that Mitch Marner sucks faces an uphill climb when it comes to whether he’s going to be worth the contract he’s gotten or not.

Mitch Marner’s contract is set up for him to disappoint

Around the NHL, the league has suspended Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov three games for “getting caught using cocaine.” This comes after the league initially chose not to suspend Kuznetsov after he failed an IIHF drug test. Isabelle Khurshudyan with the full details on this story.

The NHL and NHLPA think they will come to an agreement on an extension of the existing CBA. The players have one extra day before they need to make a decision on re-opening the agreement or not.

Patrik Laine is DONE with NHL hockey! *Gasp!* Well, not quite. He’s just going there to stay loose while his agent and the Winnipeg Jets find a contract both sides agree with.

The St. Louis Blues have a new third jersey and they are amazing. The colours, the new logo, the pattern. Wow!

Blues reveal 90's Vintage Jersey at training camp

The Minnesota Wild have signed soon-to-be 30-year-old right-handed defenseman Jared Spurgeon to a seven-year contract extension with an AAV of $7.575 million. Spurgeon will be finishing his age-36 season when the contract is up.

Wild sign Jared Spurgeon to 7-year contract extension