I love how much hockey is happening in my life right now. Let these links be your guide:

McDavid comes alive as Canada tops Germany at WJC

This article mentions, several times, the "drought"/"slump" snapped by McDavid during last night's game against Germany. This is reminiscent of the Crosby conversation during the Sochi Olympics, where points scored appear to become our only litmus test by which to judge performance. Yes, both Crosby and McDavid are "scoring" players, but let's throttle down on the snap judgments.

Comrie, Fucale make Groulx's goalie decision tough with back-to-back shutouts

Canada is widely considered to have two potential starting goaltenders - Eric Comrie and Zach Fucale. It's a fine problem to have.

Slovakia stun defending champion Finland at WJHC

I love upsets - particularly in the WJHC, where most people await the eventual showdown between heavyweights, Canada and the US.

Thumbs up to Leafs, Lightning sophomores; down to Blue Jackets, Krejci

Quit playing games with my heart Dave Hodge. This week, Hodge anoints the Leafs as the "feel good" team of the East, and then follows it up by explaining why - he says that the Leafs being a playoff contender is a good thing for lovers and haters alike (which isn't false), and THEN he throws in a casual Game 7 reference. Why man?

Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers: Sunday NHL game preview | Toronto Star

The Leafs head into tonight trying to contain former Leaf, the goal-less David Bolland. *insert cackle audio*

Adam Oates, Scott Stevens as sorta head coaches

A two-headed coaching monster emerges in New Jersey.

Enforcers disappearing quickly as NHL evolves

There is surprisingly quite a bit of controversy over the mass expulsion of enforcers from the leagues - but as this article rightly points out, fighting still happens in today's NHL, just not at the hands of "players" whose sole purpose during their 45 seconds of ice time is to make someone bloody.

Pierre LeBrun picks who is most likely to make the playoffs

With 60% of the season remaining, Pierre LeBrun spent his Christmas holidays making his playoff berth predictions. With one prediction I love (Leafs sliding into the second wildcard spot, alongside the perennial contenders from Motor City) and one prediction I am hoping against all odds to be wrong (Boston working their way back up to a top spot in the East), I am forced into taking a neutral position on how prescient I think he is.