Tagging may seem like an afterthought but it shouldn't be treated as such. Tagging is critically important to making sure your content is viewed by as many potentially interested people as possible, as it helps your content show up in searches and in dynamically-rendered content areas, such as on a player page or in the "More from Pension Plan Puppets" box at the bottom of each post.

To the right of the text area in both FanPosts and FanShots you'll find the area for tagging your posts, as shown in the illustration below:



Tagging is simple. The above is what you will see for Fanposts. Step one, once you are done writing is to click on the autotag button. As long as you use players full names at least once they'll get picked up and it'll link their player page. Same with teams. Below is what you will see for FanShots:


Events, Players and Teams have their own dedicated area, which will help link your posts to the proper Event, Player and Team Pages.


This basically means games. When you click on Attach Event it will bring up the team's schedule. The default is 'completed' but in the top right there is a drop box where you can select games that are 'upcoming' or 'in progress'. If what you are posted relates to specific games then make sure that you tag it as such.


Add the related teams in this box. Do not add them in the general topics area.


This part is important because it links your post to the player's SBN page which aggregates stories from across the netwrok. Just begin typing the player's name and it should fill in, as shown above.


The "Tags" post at the top is for any other applicable tags you might want to include, using commas to separate tags, as shown above (if you type a tag that's already been used around SBN, it'll begin to autocomplete). If you feel like being clever here, go for it, but make sure to properly tag your posts using the other applicable fields as well. And the operative word is clever. "Retards" as I saw on one tag I erased is not clever.