Have you been reading @kristen_shilton this morning? Her recaps of the scrimmages are insightful, and she broke news about our newly damaged good, Auston Matthews. Seems like Matthews got broken in to the NHL this morning during the scrimmage, when Dominic Toninato accidentally high-sticked him in the chin.

Matthews' chin now has five new stitches in it, but he's not sad. "It was an accident and I'm not too mad about it," he said.

Scrimmages today were Team Blue vs. Team White, with the first goal of camp going to Jesper Lindgren -- off an assist from Auston Matthews for Team White. That proved to be Team White's only goal of the scrimmage, with Team Blue lighting up NCAA goalie Kasimir Kaskisuo 4-1. Matthews left the ice after the high stick, but until then, he did a few nice things:

For more insights on today's scrimmage, please do check out @kristen_shilton.