Welp, all signs point to tonight being absolutely awful. Even when the Leafs don't suck generally, they suck against the Canes, so tonight's game in Carolina should be a particularly special brand of horror. HAPPY FRIDAY.

Connor McDavid: 'It's hard to be a Leafs fan' - Sportsnet.ca

Amen brother.

Trade rumours swirl around Maple Leafs' Polak

Who ISN'T considered trade bait these days? Polak is the latest added to the list, with the Habs and Kings (reportedly) being the most interested. This article also briefly touches on Jokinen's rapid-fire back-pedaling after his "negative energy" comments, and (very rightly) blames the media for wearing the boys down.

... and speaking of negativity

A Toronto Star article about how the Leafs are dealing with the blackhole of negativity that threatens to swallow them all whole. Lupul bails ship, Horachek does his chores and Holland talks to his mom (oh and blames Phaneuf for not taking more of a stand in the locker room).

Shoalts: Leafs rebuild needs to start with Marlies, developing players - The Globe and Mail

A weird look at and analogy to a dog show opens up an otherwise good article about the Leafs' rebuild.

With Leafs out of contention, injured Lupul resting instead of rushing back - The Globe and Mail

Lupul taking his lower body injury (wait, that healthy horse is sidelined by an injury?!?!) day-by-day instead of rushing back and "taking playing time" from other players. Yes, because everyone loves the idea of being the band on the Titanic. Some have optimistically postulated that Lupul is taking a rest in order to make himself more attractive as trade bait, but let's be honest Lupes - you pushed the women and children aside, and you jumped in that lifeboat.

Report: Eight parents banned from minor hockey games - Sportsnet.ca

The Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association has banned eight parents from attending their children's games this weekend for abusive behaviour. I would comment on how parents need to throttle down and lead by example, but I really wouldn't want that thrown in my face when I'm kicked out of a game in 10 years.

Jonathan Toews stars in ridiculous hockey PSA | For The Win

Toews on holding it: "Leaving your seat during game play isn’t funny. It’s selfish and wrong. Stay in your seat during game play. Think. And then go."

Devan Dubnyk used technique Head Trajectory to revitalize career with MInnesota Wild - Unmasked

A new technique called Head Trajectory factors in to how Minnesota Wild goaltender Devan Dubnyk was able to turn his career around this season. Can the Leafs use Head Trajectory? ... Can we try anyway?

Bolland lifts Panthers to comeback win over Canadiens - Article - TSN

I really don't like Bolland anymore, but I'm behind any team that could be responsible for the Bruins missing the playoffs.

Ovechkin responds to Getzlaf with bald joke - Sportsnet.ca

And just in case you missed it in Thursday's FTB, Ovechkin and Getzlaf are in a hilarious feud over Ovechkin's slashing and Getzlaf's hairlessness. Ya, ok Ovi, I'm pretty sure Getzlaf would take a Cup ring and gold medals over your grey mop ANY DAY.